Agriturismo Cioccoleta - Orvieto Italy - +39 0763 316011

Farm house

Cioccoleta is the name of our farmland from which we have given the name to our country house or “agriturismo”.
The name, which has an historical background and can be confirmed by cadastral documents, specifically refers to rocks, “ciottoli” or better known as “cioccoli” in the local dialect, that have for centuries been deposited from the river that flows on the south side of our land.

It is also for this reason that our countryside offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere with its stone walls that blend in perfect harmony with “tufo”, a constructional material used specifically and almost exclusively, for the homes in the Orvieto area.
In furthering your research on us, you will find that the hospitality has an antic style: from the sent of the vineyards to the taste of its olive oil savored amongst an uncontaminated landscape, in a family setting.

Even the wild animals, though not dangerous, that one can occasionally encounter, have chosen the protection of our land.

We offer:

  • Bed & Breakfast in a warm and hospitable double or single room.
  • Within the 30 hectare premises, one will find pleasant walking paths between the vineyards and the olive groves.
  • Bike excursions that wind within the traditional countryside.
  • Any information regarding the history of our antic city, local celebrations, folklore and curiosity tied to our nature, territory, culture and entertainment.