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Our country-house is situated in a vast landscape where already 2000 years ago, first the Etruscans and then the Romans, chose the boundaries of our lands, as either their passing point or as their burial grounds.

The first, building a one room burial ground in Poggio della Ginestra adjacent to our land. The second, building a street that boarders the Romealla river just south of our grounds, of which many historical texts make reference to.

The adjacent city of Orvieto known to the Etruscans as Volsinii, can be added to those who have a fond interest in this historical period, to the list of close Etruscan cities of historical value such as Bolsena, Viterbo, Tuscania, Montefiascone, Tarquinia all part of a vast circuit of excursions that can use our location as home base.

“Venere di Cannicella”. Museo Faina Orvieto

Contact with the environment and traces left by those who lived These lands before us, has a great importance on the preservation and transmission of traditions, knowledge and culture.

To whom comes and visits us, we are at their complete disposition to suggest the most various itineraries, even one’s that can not be found in guide books.

We are always happy to make suggestions to both our most curious hosts and to those who are simply looking for a completely calm and restful stay